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These guys put 4 action cameras to extreme test to find out which will survive the end and still function. The action cameras were the GoPRo 4, XiaoMi Yi, AMK5000 and Svacom Siime Eye camera.

How to activate windows 8 professional offline using activator

There are two methods to activate your windows 8 pro. The first is by providing the original license key which can be acquired when you purchase your windows 8 pro. The second method is by using a special activator which automatically activate your windows 8 pro. Whatever method you use, make sure that you have the original windows 8 professional software installed in your computer and have the license key.

To activate your windows using license key follow the procedure below on how to activate your copy.

1. Open command prompt
2. Type "slui 3"
3. Enter the product key
4. Click activate to finish your activation

The second method uses a simple activator. Heres how to active your windows 8 pro activator.

This method uses the windows 8 activator that will easily activate your windows. You will have to download the activator here then use it to activate.

1. Download windows 8 pro activator
2. Extract to desktop
3. Open extracted file
4. Double click the activator
5. Ignore warnings when activation
6. Restart windows 8 pro to finish activation

You should be able to active your windows 8 using both methods. If there are errors during windows 8 activation please checkout some solution here.

Some errors that might occur during activation, make sure that you've acquire the original windows 8 other than windows 8 crack pirated disc.

  • fix windows 8 activation error 0xc004f074
  • fix windows 8 rtm activation error 0xc004f074
  • fix windows 8 activation error 0xc004f061
  • windows 8 activation error 0xc004c008
For solution windows 8 pro error activation please go to official microsoft support for fix.

How to burn downloaded movies to dvd

If you have downloaded movies and want to transfer it to your dvd then you should have a burning software that will able to accept files like flv, mkv, mp4, avi or m4v. If you want to burn youtube videos to dvd, you will have filename flv or mp4 format. Your burning software must able to convert this file before actual burn to dvd.

You might as well like mkv burn to dvd then your burning software must easily convert this filename to dvd format. There's a good software that converts a lot of different formats you might not have a knowledge of. The best burning software that I've tried so far has not given me any problems and it is easy for me to use. I just drop all movies with different format onto the burning software then let it convert and burn to dvd. It is really easy, and you can even add up to 3 to 4 movies in just one dvd yet still maintaining good quality. However you may tweak the dvd burning software to your own settings.

If you are burning mp4 to dvd then you should try out the software that I used for all formats which converts to dvd.

How to burn downloaded movies to dvd:

1. I downloaded burning software in the internet.
2. Then I drop all movies on to the pane. See screenshot.

3. Then click Convert. It will now convert those mp4, mkv, avi, flv, m4v, mpg, and etc.. then burn to dvd.

So months of using it, I consider this as the best burning software for dvd. It gives me easiness of usage and no problem or glitch while using this software. You can download this free burning software to the internet. I hope this helps on how to burn dvds. Checkout some of my post.

Asrock Z97 Extreme6 Pros and Cons

Lets checkout some of the Pros and Cons of Asrock Z97 Extreme6 desktop motherboard from different reviews of different sites. Sites like overclockers have not sited any bad issues about this product however techereport has some build issues on this product. 

So before you buy this motherboard, take time to read the following list of positive and negative reviews of Asrock Z97 Extreme6 in terms of performance, build and price.

Overclockers point of view:

"With this newest Intel chipset (and set of motherboards) there are more incremental upgrades than performance boosts. The most notable of these upgrades is Haswell Refresh and upcoming Broadwell CPU support along with M.2 SSD support. I’m normally a “bad news first” person, so I’ll mention the bad things first. Alright, I’ve got nothing. This board has no issues that I was able to find! It is stable when pushing the limits, has an awesome UEFI, and is bundled into an attractive design. To top everything off, this board is loaded with features such as Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Ultra M.2 (32Gb/s), Thunderbolt, Purity Sound 2, 10x SATA ports, and 3200 MHz DDR3 support.

From an overclockers point of view, this board has all you need to push for every last MHz. Integrated power/reset switches for open-air setups, BIOS chips that are a quick swap from new, a BIOS reset button, a physical BIOS switch, 12 phase digital power delivery, and a slew of overclocking options in the UEFI.

Flipping the coin, the ASRock Z97 Extreme6 comes in at an extremely competitive price. It is currently $169.99 at Newegg, beating out a very comparable Maximus VII Hero by $50! This price point makes it a great board for most budgets looking at the unlocked Intel CPUs. Now for the rating. Stable? Very. Looks? Amazing. Features? Loaded like a Cadillac. Add to this great overclocking capabilities and the amazing price, and I’m wishing there was something above “Approved”!"


Techreport point of view

"Even though the Extreme6's hardware spec hits a lot of the right notes, the board still falls short in a few important areas. The I/O shield is littered with metal protrusions that can slice fingers and get caught up in the rear ports during installation. Also, there are no provisions to simplify the wiring process for front-panel connections. There's no way to boot directly into the firmware, either, though ASRock provides a software utility that reboots into the UEFI from Windows."


Solution MAC OS 10.6 Skype Won't Run

I recently solved the problem of my friend MAC laptop when skype that won't run after installation. After a quick download and installation of the latest skype messenger, the latter won't open or run and have prompts error. Re-downloaded skype and installed again, the same error would occur. I'm not a MAC OS X user but given this opportunity to help a friend, I've taken time to research the solution of skype unable to run on MAC OS X.

After a few minutes on checking on possible solution from forums on users who had the same problem. I finally know what causes the problem and how to solve it. Its a quick solution for skype won't run on mac os x. You don't have to install any other programs or patch to fix skype error on you mac osx . All you gotta to do is to install the appropriate version of skype that is compatible to your mac os x build version. Yep, you need to check your mac os x version and find the right skype version. So if you're running the old mac os x then you should find the compatible skype version to fix the problem.

What causes skype won't run on your mac os x is that you might have updated your skype, while your mac os x version is not compatible with the new update. So all yo have to do is to check your mac os x version first by navigating to the ABOUT THIS MAC.

If you have the old mac build version then you should download the old skype version that works. There's a particular site that has all the old applications for mac, windows, linux and timeline. You will find the appropriate old application like skype that works on your mac os x build version.

For example if you have MAC OS X version 10.6 then you can download and install skype which is compatible and will run.

Click here to go OLD Apps skype for MAC OS X 10.6

I hope you find this helpful, please share.

How to Upload Large Video Files on Youtube While Maintaining Quality

How to a upload large video file size is to reduce its size first. To do that you need a software called Handbrake. It works really well on mp4 format videos.

Having a very large video file size to upload to your favorite social media sites will take too long without reducing it size first. But reducing video file size may affect quality, not really. There's a software that could almost maintain its quality even the size is reduced to about 50% or more. Don't believe me? Then try this at your home computer. The software is called HandBrake, that converts and reduce video file size. Best of all its a free software.

Here's how:

1. Download Handbrake here then install it to your computer. Then open the program. It should like the image below.

2. Open source file to reduce.

3. Click BROWSE then specify folder where to save your video file after reducing file size. Please don't forget to write a name for your file.

4. Next click the Video tab. Change the settings as seen below.

5. Click START button.

6. Wait after conversion is complete.

7. Test and try the video.

8. You may now upload your video on Youtube or other video sites faster.

I hope you find this post useful. Please don't forget to share this article. Thank you

How to Watch 3D Movies on PC

Heres how to watch 3D movies that you've downloaded from the internet and play in on your PC or watch 3D movies directly to your 3D TV.

So in order to watch 3D movies on your PC there are a few things that you need.

1. 3D TV monitor - it is best to watch movies if you're monitor is already 3D TV. I have used an LG 32LB620B 3D TV which I love it. I used it as PC monitor, watch 3D movies and ofcourse as TV.

2. You need 3D glasses - when you buy a 3D TV, the 3D glasses may already be included in the package. You may have 2 pair of 3D glasses. My LG 3D TV comes with 2 pair of 3D glasses.


3. HDMI cable - if you're 3D TV only supports HDMI then you will need HDMI cable to plug to your PC and 3D TV. Make sure that you PC supports HDMI else you may need to buy a new graphics card that is HDMI ready.

4. A 3D software - BINO works fine on my PC along with LG 3D TV. However its not as a good watching your 3D movies directly on my LG 3D TV USB port.

Once you have all of these, then you can setup it now here's how.

1. Plug your HDMI cable to from your 3D TV monitor to your PC.
2. Next you need to change the INPUT setup using your remote control into HDMI mode.
3. Install BINO software.
4. Download a 3D movie and open using BINO player.  If you have side-by-side 3D movie format. Then you may apply the following settings on your BINO player.

Enjoy 3D movies on PC

How to burn movies on dvd fast and with good quality

A few days ago, I've been searching for the best software that burn to dvd my movies, iso to dvd, that works on windows. I have tried so many windows dvd burner tools but most of them gave errors. I have download dvdflick and tried to burn a dvd but it failed just before it will finish the process. I've also tried nero burner but it gives me an error when I start adding movies to the panel. Also tried Infrarecorder, a free burner would not allow me to burn because of low dvd capacity. Other than those mentioned I have also tried other windows dvd burner but unfortunately it had wasted my time and effort.

Now just before I give up, I've stumbled on a youtube video demonstrating a windows dvd burner tool that really works. The dvd burner is called ConvertXtoDVD. Although its not the latest dvd burner free download but it had save me the time and effort on creating dvd movies. A few settings that match is all you need then just click convert then it'll burn a dvd. It's that simple. Among all its the fast and quality of burn a dvd that impress me with the software.

So if you're tired of trying those free burner in the internet then download ConvertXtoDVD and test it for yourself. Remember your time and effort is more important than spending only a few cash on a dvd burner that works fast and with high quality. I have spent just a few cash, it has solved my problem, burn movies on dvd. The below video that helped me can be viewed below. Watch how to burn movies on dvd.

Fastest Way to Burn Video To DVD BEST QUALITY

Features ConvertXtoDVD

Convert to DVD

Divx to DVD
MTS and M2TS to DVD
Mpeg to DVD, MP4 to DVD
and more (see supported formats)

Create menus & chapters, cut videos, total customization with live preview

Create menus with videos and music
Integrated video player for live Preview
Cut unwanted parts of the video
Add chapters - automatic or custom
Many subtitles supported, convert as soft or hard subs
Convert NTSC to PAL and vice-versa
Merge function - like for CD1 + CD2
Rotate video, add brightness/contrast

Electricity Saver Device - Does it Really Work?

Energy saver or power energy saver or electricity saver devices, does it really work in cutting down your electricity bills?

In this post you'll about to find out one of the most awaited truth about power energy saver devices. What kind of electricity saver device in the market that really work.

A few months ago I have purchased the so called electricity saver device. But before I purchased the item, I have thoroughly conducted my own researched. I've read articles and reviews from blogs, forums and even call someone who've used it. However not all have given their positive results and so I have made my own test to see if it does really save electricity.

Because of the increasing price rate of electricity, electricity savers or power energy saver devices are now becoming a popular searched term in google. The main reason is simply because household and business owners want to save money by cutting down electricity bills.

Many power saver products out there would claimed that it could save electricity cost up to 25 percent or more of current electric bill. Now this maybe far from the truth and you might think most of them were scam. Indeed many people are skeptical about it and that includes me. Well, to find out the truth I have run my own test using energy saver that I've purchased in which they guarantee that I could really save electricity by using their product.

My business has 12 computers, 2hp split type inverter aircon, 90watts refrigerator, 2 printers,  and 1 printer copier, water dispenser.

My usual monthly bill is around 4000 - 4100 Pesos operating about 12 - 14 hrs a day - without attaching power savers.

My power saver report.
I checked my meter every 6:00 am in the morning

Without Power Saver Device

9 days reading without power saver

Day 1 without power saver device

Day 9 without power saver device

Without the power saver device my meter reading for 9 days. It consumed 120.6 Kilowatts

9 days with power saver device attached to one of my outlet

day 1

day 9

With power saver device it consumed about 108.6 Kilowatts. Its lower than without the device about 12 Kilowatts.


Without PS device
7886.4 - 7765.8 = 120.6 Kilowatts

With PS device
7752.0 - 7643.4 = 108.6 Kilowatts

I have save 12 Kilowatts when using an energy saver device. The electricity saver device really works, however it only saves about 10% which is not bad after all. At least I was able to save some electricity cost.

I hope you'll be able to save on your electricity saving device that you might used. Please share your thoughts.

Brother Printer Copier 7065n Fix Black Horizontal Lines

The Brother 7065n printer copier is one of the best multi function printer that I own in my shop. I had purchased this a year ago and it has been working fine until something is showing when copying using legal paper document. A black horizontal lines appears after copying. Please see the image below of what I mean.

Brother 7065n problems with black horizontal lines only occurs when I copy legal size document. However the copier works fine using letter size paper document and works great both legal and letter size when printing files from computer.

Why the black horizontal lines appears during copying on my brother 7065n? 

It took me several days to figure it out. A few sites on google pointed that it needs cleaning and so I had cleaned the corona wire. I had also clean the glass where you place the document using moistened cloth . Unfortunately it didn't fix problem.

So what causes the black horizontal lines on my brother 7065n printer?

Its a dirt stucked on the glass strip underneath the white bar. Please pictures to have a clear a idea.

so to fix the black horizontal lines on your brother 7065n copier, simply clean thoroughly the glass strip with moistened soft cloth.

After cleaning test your brother copier and you'll never see the black lines again.

If this solve your brother 7065 problem please share.

How to Install MSI NF725GTm-P31 Ethernet Driver

If you've lost your MSI NF725GTM-P31 support disk or driver installation disk then your best option is to go the official MSI site to download the driver. In their website you'll be able to download drivers for MSI NF725GTM-P31 for all operating system, Windows XP, Windows Vista Windows 7and  etc.. Drivers for your sound, video, ide and chipset can be downloaded to their website however the ethernet driver you've downloaded might not install when you try to run the installation wizard on windows xp.

I have encountered such problem when I tried to install the ethernet driver for my MSI NF725GTM-731 on windows XP system. The download ethernet driver from their website was not recognized thus it doesn't install. Its a realtek device driver but no matter what I do to install the driver downloaded from their website, it does not recognized.

I tried to google to look for another driver source but unfortunately it takes me to nowhere. All the sites that points me to MSI NF725GTM-P31 driver were all misleading and doesn't really provide the right driver.

However I was able to find my MSI NF725GTM-P31 driver installation disk and was successfully installed the ethernet device driver.

MSI NF725GTM-731 ethernet driver for windows xp

How to Protect Your Computer From Virus Infected USB

How many times was your computer got infected by virus from USB and other removal devices? Maybe the main cause of computer being infected is because the default autorun is not disable on windows administrative settings. When you plug in the USB of a friend containing virus, it will automatically run and infect your computer. However there's a windows software that can help protect your computer from USB virus.

Checkout this cool windows software that you can use to protect your computer from virus infected USB that automatically run when you plugin. It's a small software that makeuseof published on their website as one of the best windows software. The said software is called Antirun, you can download it for free then install to your computer. Once installed, the software will automatically detect removal devices when plug in then prevent autorun virus to run to your computer. By these, you'll be able to protect your computer from being infected by virus from USB devices.

Download Antirun here then click Download button. Double click to start the installation process until it finishes. Once done, you'll be able to see small green usb icon on your taskbar. These means that you've successful installed the software and its now ready to protect your computer from usb virus.

I hope you find this cool windows software useful. Please share to your friends so that they as well be protected from autorun virus infected USB.

How to Avoid Facebook Spam

Its all over your facebook wall every now and then, video and picture links that aren't yours. It share links to your facebook friends and when they click on it their facebook wall will also force to post it again. It sends facebook spam links that floods your wall from time to time. And now your facebook friends will be annoy of the same post on your wall.

It all started when you saw a post from one of your facebook friends, the post is very intriguing because of the image and the title that catches your attention. You then click on the link and when you did, it ask your permission to repost the link on your wall. Because its intriguing to know about the content, you then let the malicious ware to access your facebook wall so that you'll be able to see the content of the link. Then you've been taken to a page that deceive you, no real content and will only be disappointed because you found out its fake. But too late, they've already got into your facebook wall spamming with nonsense link.

You may have prevented facebook spam flooding your wall if you've only been careful and think before you've click the link.

Here are some tips on how to avoid facebook spam and protect your facebook account from malicious ware crawling on facebook wall.

1. Never click or visit a link immediately especially if the domain or website looks suspicious.
2. Read the comments, if no comments or if someone said its not true then don't bother clicking the link.
3. Exaggerated titles and pictures can also be a sign of a suspicious link.
4. Click on links from trusted sites.
5. If its a video, try to manually check it out on Youtube by typing the title on the search box. If you can't find it on Youtube then probably its not true.
6. If it ask to install something or access your permisson facebook wall so that they can post it on your behalf, then stay away from it.
7. Activate facebook automatic spam filters to help you detect spam.

Those are just some tips that you can follow to protect your facebook wall from spammers and other malware attacks.

So before you start searching for ways on how to remove facebook spam posts or how to remove facebook virus on your facebook account then its best that you think before you click.

How to Put Facebook Shortcut on Desktop

Do you want to easily access facebook website by simply clicking the facebook shortcut icon on your desktop? Or you're too lazy to type facebook domain on your browser then you can simply have your own facebook icon on your desktop which targets to open the website facebook login page. It is simple to put facebook icon on your windows desktop. I'm going to show how to do this.

 There are only 2 steps that to have facebook shortcut icon on your desktop.

1. Download the Facebook shortcut url here.
2. When you have downloaded it, just simply cut and paste the shortcut onto your windows desktop. Checkout the screenshot below.

Now try double clicking the Facebook icon and voila! you have your facebook shortcut icon right on your windows desktop. If you want Youtube icon on your desktop or your some of your favorite websites, download the small file below.

If your favorite website is not listed above, please let me know and I will create one for you. Simply type in the comment section the domain url.

If you like this post please do share it to your friends.

How to Get Your Own Facebook API Key

Facebook connect has made it a lot easier and faster for anyone to signin or login from other social networks and websites. It serves as an open id or a universal identity to anyone who uses facebook, so that they wouldn't need to sign up or register from other websites just to leave comments or subscribe to newsletters.

For website developers and bloggers, a Facebook API key is likely to be more useful to anyone who intends to create their own application such as to built their own facebook and for other website applications. You'll going to need facebook API key and today you'll going to learn how to acquire it.

Here's how:

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Next is to add Facebook Developer application. Click here to add this application.

3. Next click on Allow button.

4. Once you've successfully added Facebook Developer application, click on Setup New Application button.

5.  Give your application a name. Tick Agree then click on Create Application button.

6. On the next page, you can find your facebook application details such as your Application ID, API key and the Secret key.

Note: Never share your application details to anyone.

That’s it!!! You just got your own facebook api key.

If you have anything to say, use the comment box below the post.

How to Connect ADSL Modem Router with your Wireless Router

There may come a time when you need to connect your ADSL Modem Router to your Wireless Router, so I hope this simple tutorial with an example on how to make it work.

Here's the scenario:

You have 1 ADSL modem router which are currently connected in your computer. You used this device to connect to the internet. It works fine as long as you used the LAN cable to connect. But when you bought a new wireless router to be able to access the internet with your laptop anywhere in your home, you have problem on making the connection. To solve this problem you need to follow this simple tutorial on how to connect your modem router  with your wireless router properly.

On this example I have PLDT Landline Plus Modem Router ZTE MF612 and a D Link DIR-300 Wireless router.

In order to make the connection you must make sure that none of the device don't have conflicting ip address.  Check your manuals to see what IP address are used by your routers. Most routers uses IP Adresses. If both routers have conflicting IP Address, you have to set the other one to someting

For example if your modem router has an IP Address of then you must set your Wireless router into something or and so on.

On the screen shot below, I have set my D Link DIR 300 wireless router's IP Address to

On the screen shot above you'll also notice that I have disabled the DHCP server that is because, the DHCP server modem router is already been enabled. If you enabled both of these, then you may encounter conflicting IP addresses to several computers that are connected, this will cause internet disconnection. So inorder to avoid this, disable the DHCP server on your router or wireless router.

How to disable DHCP server on your router can be found in your device manual - read them. You will need to access the router to make the changes. Usually, or - type one of the IP address in your internet browser such as IE, Mozilla, or Chrome.

In my example the default IP address of D Link DIR 300 is and then the default username is admin with no password.  Then I browse to LAN setup to set the default IP Adress from into so that it will not be conflicting with my modem router. After that, I disabled the DHCP server and save settings. The next time I access my wireless router, I will now type in in my internet browser.

Once you've setup your wireless router, you can now connect the 2 routers together using a crossover type network cable. To make a crossover type network cable, here's the wire setup, white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown while at the other end of the cable you will have white green, green, white orange, blue, white blue, orange, white brown, brown. Some routers will have a feature called automatic mdix which will automatically crossover any straight network cable when plug in to the router.

So the set up is:

Your crossover network cable is connected from your modem router's LAN port to one of your wireless router's LAN port.

In my example below, my PLDT modem router is connected to my wireless router, then from my wireless router to my desktop which is the yellow network cable.

That's how you connect your modem router to your wireless router. You can use this setup to your LINKSYS WRT54G routers connected with your Netgear N150 W R WNR1000 or any netgear router.

How to Download Video From Youtube Using Mozilla Browser

There are many youtube downloader but do you know the best way to download video from youtube? Well the best downloader that I've tried is a plugin that you can install in mozilla browser. Its been my tool in grabbing videos from youtube. Unlike other youtube downloader softwares, the plugin is super easy to install and use. However you may need to use mozilla browser in order to install the plugin. So if you haven't done it so then follow the steps below on how to start downloading your favorite youtube videos easy and safe.

How to download video from youtube safe and easy.

1. Download firefox browser from
2. Install firefox
3. Go to AddOns and type Downloadhelper or just type on google DownloadHelper
4. Install the plugin.
5. Next go to Youtube and choose a video to download
6. At the left side of the navigational bar, click the 3 revolving circles then choose to download videos on mp4 format.
7. Next choose directory where to place completed download.
8. Now sit and relax as it download is in progress.

Having a hard time installing the youtube downloader on mozilla? Click here to watch on how to install downloadhelper

That's it guys.

Cool Android Apps That Let You Easily Share Your Android Apps to Your Friends

You've been playing a cool android apps on your mobile then your friend is interested to install on its android phone too but unfortunately there's no internet connection to download the apps at google play. However you have a cool android apps called MyAppSharer. The said application can easily share android apps to your friend through direct share of the APK. You can also your application through a message, gmail, facebook, bluetooth, QR-code, Dropbox and WhatsApp. MyAppSharer can also share multiple apps at one time and has search tool to find easily apps.

So how does this cool android apps can share your apps through bluetooth. Checkout the video below.

Now you can easily share your android games and application by simply using MyAppSharer. Just install the application to be able to share your android apps. I hope add this cool android app to your favorite android application and tell your friends about it.

How to Make Windows Start Faster - Simple and Easy

This is a simple and the easiest trick that you'll gonna learn to make your windows system startup a little faster. A trick that doesn't need to change windows registry entry or download any sort of software to make your windows startup fast. What causes your computer to start up slow could be applications that you've installed that would run during startup. These applications that might have slowed your computer during startup might not be necessary like your instant messengers.

You can easily disable these application on windows msconfig to prevent loading during windows startup. Once you've done that it will save you time on waiting and make your computer start up much faster. This trick is going to improve your windows startup process and eliminate those unnecessary application to load.

 Here's how to make your computer load faster during startup process:

1. Click on START button
2. Click RUN
4. Uncheck those application except for your Antivirus program
5. Save and close.
6. Restart your computer.

Are you seeing improvement during improvement to your windows startup? I hope it did because if not you'll might want to start scanning your computer for virus infection and remove infected items.

You may also want to upgrade your RAM if you think your computer if it needs an upgrade. Just be sure to checkout first whats compatible for your computer. 

Ways may help fix HP 2000 354NR Laptop Won't Boot - Capslock Blinking - Wireless Blinking

My neighbor has a big problem about her HP 2000 354NR laptop won't boot up and shows capslock blinking and the wireless led were also blinking. The capslock blinks a couple of times while the wireless key stays orange which keeps blinking too when she powers up her laptop. She said, she had used this last night but then the next day, this what happens, no display, black screen and blinking. Its a 1 month old laptop given by her boyfriend but now it doesn't seem to work.

Fortunately I was able to find a quick way to fix it and I would like to share it here on my blog. A simple troubleshooting will save you some money. But please do this at your own risk.

Here are some ways to fix HP 2000 won't boot:

1. Try cleaning the terminal of the RAM
2. Try swapping RAM
3. Try removing 1 RAM if you have RAM
4. Try cleaning the processor fan maybe dirt had cause the fan to stop

Try those things above and hopefully it'll fix the problem. If not, you may need to take it to the laptop specialist.

Download the official MSI U135DX driver for windows 7

I have my MSI U135DX since 2010 and its been working very well on windows 7 operating system. I have no problem during installation except for 1 device driver, VGA driver for windows 7. I thought it is already included during the installation but unfortunately not, so I have to download the driver for my MSI U135DX in the internet. Well ofcourse I got the official driver from their website.

Click here to jump right in the official msi u135dx device driver.

By the way the build-in camera for your msi u135dx is already installed using the native driver of your operating system. So if you're trying to figure out how to install your camera then just press FN + F6 on your keyboard. It will detect the new found device then automatically install its camera device driver for your msi u135dx notebook.

If you find this blog post helpful, please don't forget to share.  Thank you

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