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How to Remove SafeDrv.Exe Virus from Your Computer and USB Drive

Are you having trouble removing SafeDrv.Exe virus from your desktop or laptop or even to your USB flash drive? The solution below will help you get rid of it. Also you can use this to remove those weird characters that appears when you right click computer drive. Do not ignore this because it can cause USB data hidden and its difficult to find. Go ahead try the solution below with your own responsibility. 

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1. First you need to make changes to your Folder Option which is under Tools. Please see screenshot below.

 2. Next click View tab and configure the following options as illustrated in the image below.
Click OK button once you done that.

3. In this point you'll now be able to see the hidden files including those delicate system files of your computer. Ofcourse you'll also be able to see Safedrv.exe and the autorun.inf file. You will have to delete the 2 files using SHIFT + DEL. So go to your C: Drive and those files now. See image below.

4. Also navigate to the location c:\program files\common files then delete those files if you find them.

5. Next is to download Syphunter program - you can find a full cracked of this program on torrent sites like or - please read carefully some comments before you start downloading.

6. Install and update the program then run a complete scan including your USB drives that are infected by safedrv.exe virus.

7. After Spyhunter completes the scan process, remove all detected malwares and viruses by clicking fix button. Spyhunter will advise you to restart your computer to complete the removal process. Restart it at once.

8. Next is to download Malwarebytes program at Install and update then run a full scan of your computer. Malwarebytes may find additional virus, please remove and delete them.

9. Next run command prompt and type this ATTRIB -S -H /S /D command on each infective drive.This will repair you USB data being hidden because of the virus. Once you've type this, all the hidden files will be shown.

That's it, you have remove safedrv.exe virus from your computer and retrieve all the files that are hidden. I hope you find this short how-to solution helpful. Please drop me a comment for any question.

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