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Download the official MSI U135DX driver for windows 7

I have my MSI U135DX since 2010 and its been working very well on windows 7 operating system. I have no problem during installation except for 1 device driver, VGA driver for windows 7. I thought it is already included during the installation but unfortunately not, so I have to download the driver for my MSI U135DX in the internet. Well ofcourse I got the official driver from their website.

Click here to jump right in the official msi u135dx device driver.

By the way the build-in camera for your msi u135dx is already installed using the native driver of your operating system. So if you're trying to figure out how to install your camera then just press FN + F6 on your keyboard. It will detect the new found device then automatically install its camera device driver for your msi u135dx notebook.

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