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These guys put 4 action cameras to extreme test to find out which will survive the end and still function. The action cameras were the GoPRo 4, XiaoMi Yi, AMK5000 and Svacom Siime Eye camera.

How to Remove Mabuhay ang Pilipinas Virus?

Today I encountered this sort of virus from one of my clients notebook. The virus says, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas in the title window then the rest of the messages says "Mabuhay din si Gloria, Si FG, si Abalos, si Chavit, si Jok-Jok, si Gonzales, at si Jose Pidal!"- You have to click OK button before you'll be able to continue to load on your windows desktop.  

There have been some post in some blogs of how to remove this annoying virus but unfortunately none of them works after I followed all the instructions. I have used and tried a couple of anti spywares, anti malware and anti virus program but none of them able to fix the problem. Here's the list of anti virus and malware I've tried: Avast Pro, Malwarebytes, Norman Cleaner, and Nod32. I've also found out that the popular NoobKiller program won't also work on this type of virus. It seems that this new virus is one pain in the head. The creator of the virus is so clever that its undetectable.

This type of virus, are transferable through flash drives or usb sticks. Its hard to get off and it consumes a lot of my time when trying to find solution but unfortunately, there's little information about this and for that it may have to take more time before someone figures it out.

As of now, there's no definite solution that you can find in the internet but if you wish to be inform for the latest updates of this virus, you may follow this blog and receive updates through email.

If you have any information on how to fix this problem, please leave a comment.


Youtube Video Downloader the Editor's Choice

I have recently read Cnet's review on Youtube Downloader on their website. It looks like the said downloader is much more friendlier and easier comparing to the previous youtube video downloader that I was using before. The previous that I've been using was called DownloadHelper which is an ADDON tool on mozilla firebox. It works fine but the problem is, once you've downloaded the youtube video it will save as FLV file format which is not playable on windows media player, you need to convert first before you can play. By that you need to have another program to convert FLV to MPG, MPG4, or AVI format From now on I'm switching to Youtube Downloader and I bet you should try it too.

The best thing about this Youube Downloader is that you got option to save videos on different quality. It can be save as HD 720. HD 1080, HQ or  normal quality. Checkout this screen shot that shows you how you can change some video quality option.

Isn't this nice..Checkout this video below on how it works..

Download Youtube Downloader Here.

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