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How to Create USB Windows 7 Installer

It's been very handy and convenient to have a USB windows 7 tool whenever I have to repair netbooks from various clients nowadays. Failure to boot windows 7 can be fix using the USB windows installer tool. All I have to do is to boot from USB or removal drive option then access the repair command prompt then type the following command bootsect.exe /nt60 c: - this will do the trick to repair windows 7 failure to boot.

Another thing I used this is whenever I do windows 7 installations to netbooks that don't have external dvd/cd roms. Installing windows 7 on netbooks can be very easy when you have the USB windows 7 installer. Just plug the USB windows installer and let it boot on the system. This will run as if it is DVD windows 7 installer. If you have experienced installing windows 7 before then this will be easier for you to follow.

So lets start creating your USB windows 7 installer / repair disk, please prepare the ISO or your originial windows 7 disk iso.

1. To make it easier to create USB windows installer, please download the WINDOWS 7 USB/DVD Download tool here.  Just click the green DOWNLOAD NOW button.

2. Once downloaded, please run or install the program. You should be able to see the image below.

3. Next click the BROWSE button then locate the WINDOWS 7 ISO file. 
4. Click the NEXT button to proceed to step 2 which is to choose the media type to create your installer. Choose USB as the media type. Click USB Device button.

5. Next plug your USB disk, it should be atleast 4 gig. Then click the Begin Copying button to start the process. Wait till it finishes, once it successful, you now have your windows 7 usb installer disk. Congratulations.

The Easiest Way to Repair Failed Windows Boot - Windows 7

Checkout this tip on how to repair your windows 7 unable to boot. Its a simple command line that you can follow that can easily fix your windows 7 failure to boot. What you need is the original windows 7 disc to access and enter the repair command line. So be sure that you have a copy of the windows 7 disc ready else you won't be able to do this.

If you have the disc with you, please insert it to your DVD rom and allow your computer to first boot on the windows 7 disc. This will enable you to start the installation process then choose the repair application not the installation. Use the repair command prompt to be able to enter the fix boot command.

You may use the following command line once you're in the repair command prompt.

1. bootsect.exe /nt60 c: or bootsect.exe /nt60 all
2. bootrec /fixboot

If you need to rewrite the master boot record, you may use the bootrec /fixmbr.
More commands are available when you type bootrec into the command prompt.

These commands are helpful on fixing windows failure to boot. I hope you find this useful too.

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