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How to burn downloaded movies to dvd

If you have downloaded movies and want to transfer it to your dvd then you should have a burning software that will able to accept files like flv, mkv, mp4, avi or m4v. If you want to burn youtube videos to dvd, you will have filename flv or mp4 format. Your burning software must able to convert this file before actual burn to dvd.

You might as well like mkv burn to dvd then your burning software must easily convert this filename to dvd format. There's a good software that converts a lot of different formats you might not have a knowledge of. The best burning software that I've tried so far has not given me any problems and it is easy for me to use. I just drop all movies with different format onto the burning software then let it convert and burn to dvd. It is really easy, and you can even add up to 3 to 4 movies in just one dvd yet still maintaining good quality. However you may tweak the dvd burning software to your own settings.

If you are burning mp4 to dvd then you should try out the software that I used for all formats which converts to dvd.

How to burn downloaded movies to dvd:

1. I downloaded burning software in the internet.
2. Then I drop all movies on to the pane. See screenshot.

3. Then click Convert. It will now convert those mp4, mkv, avi, flv, m4v, mpg, and etc.. then burn to dvd.

So months of using it, I consider this as the best burning software for dvd. It gives me easiness of usage and no problem or glitch while using this software. You can download this free burning software to the internet. I hope this helps on how to burn dvds. Checkout some of my post.


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