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How to Upload Large Video Files on Youtube While Maintaining Quality

How to a upload large video file size is to reduce its size first. To do that you need a software called Handbrake. It works really well on mp4 format videos.

Having a very large video file size to upload to your favorite social media sites will take too long without reducing it size first. But reducing video file size may affect quality, not really. There's a software that could almost maintain its quality even the size is reduced to about 50% or more. Don't believe me? Then try this at your home computer. The software is called HandBrake, that converts and reduce video file size. Best of all its a free software.

Here's how:

1. Download Handbrake here then install it to your computer. Then open the program. It should like the image below.

2. Open source file to reduce.

3. Click BROWSE then specify folder where to save your video file after reducing file size. Please don't forget to write a name for your file.

4. Next click the Video tab. Change the settings as seen below.

5. Click START button.

6. Wait after conversion is complete.

7. Test and try the video.

8. You may now upload your video on Youtube or other video sites faster.

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