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Brother Printer Copier 7065n Fix Black Horizontal Lines

The Brother 7065n printer copier is one of the best multi function printer that I own in my shop. I had purchased this a year ago and it has been working fine until something is showing when copying using legal paper document. A black horizontal lines appears after copying. Please see the image below of what I mean.

Brother 7065n problems with black horizontal lines only occurs when I copy legal size document. However the copier works fine using letter size paper document and works great both legal and letter size when printing files from computer.

Why the black horizontal lines appears during copying on my brother 7065n? 

It took me several days to figure it out. A few sites on google pointed that it needs cleaning and so I had cleaned the corona wire. I had also clean the glass where you place the document using moistened cloth . Unfortunately it didn't fix problem.

So what causes the black horizontal lines on my brother 7065n printer?

Its a dirt stucked on the glass strip underneath the white bar. Please pictures to have a clear a idea.

so to fix the black horizontal lines on your brother 7065n copier, simply clean thoroughly the glass strip with moistened soft cloth.

After cleaning test your brother copier and you'll never see the black lines again.

If this solve your brother 7065 problem please share.


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