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How To Install Windows 7 Pro Dell Inspiron 11 3000 With Complete Drivers

Do you own a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 laptop which came with installed windows 8 that you don't like the operating system and wish you had windows 7 pro instead? Many owners of the product had ask if its possible to install windows 7 pro operating system. The answer is yes, definitely possible. If you have a legal copy of the windows 7 pro then you can install it on your system.

How about Dell Inspiron 11 3000 windows 7 pro drivers, no problem you can install these driver with ease. You can download drivers for windows 7 pro on their website. Just simply provide the service tag of your laptop or let the website detect those device drivers for you. However USB driver might need a little driver update. You need to download the USB driver for Dell Inspirton 11 3000 for windows 7 pro at intel resources. You can download it here though in the link that will be provided later on as you install windows 7 pro.

The best to install windows 7 pro on your dell inspiron 11 3000 is by using flash drive. However external cd/dvd rom would be an option too. But preferably using a flash drive will do the installation more quickly and easily. If in the later in the process, you will encounter problem or errors such as not continue to install windows 7, please make sure that you have good copy of windows 7 pro if you're installing in on external cd/dvd disc. Damage on disc or external rom will result errors throughout the process.

To install windows 7 pro using a flash drive, please download the windows usb dvd download tool here. Install the small software in your computer after you've downloaded it.

How to put windows 7 pro into your flash drive:

1. Open Windows USB DVD Download Tool
2. Next navigate through the windows 7 pro ISO file
3. Then use USB device to start copying windows 7 to your flash drive
4. Wait until the process is done

By this time you now have windows 7 pro flash drive or usb drive. You may now be able to use this to install windows 7 pro on to your dell inspiron 11 3000. To start the installation, simply navigate to main root folder of the drive then click Setup. You should be able to start the installation process.

If you will encounter errors such as bootsec, you will have to go to microsoft store account and download the bootsec file then place in to your windows usb/dvd download tool. In there you'll have to run the program again to create a bootable drive windows 7 pro. Go ahead read more about this at microsoft.

For information about how to fix boot error please click here.

Once you've finish installing windows 7 to your dell inspiron 11 3000, then its time to install all the necessary driver that is compatible to your new operating system. The official driver for dell inspiron 11 3000 driver download is at the Dell site. Please click here to go the official download page of dell. Simply enter the service tag of your dell laptop when you downloading drivers.

For USB drivers, you may need to go here at intel's download page. You should be able to download usb driver for dell inspiron 11 3000 perfect for windows 7 operating system. For more information about dell inspiron 11 3000 usb driver, please go to the review section.

I hope that you find this information useful. If you have any question about this article please don't hesitate to post at the comment section. Please share this article.


Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this .very interesting information.i would like to do all the information.
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Every install medium(USB and external CD/DVD) and OS version (Win10/7) asks for the unobtainable driver for the on-board MMC 29gb SSD drive!

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