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How to activate windows 8 professional offline using activator

There are two methods to activate your windows 8 pro. The first is by providing the original license key which can be acquired when you purchase your windows 8 pro. The second method is by using a special activator which automatically activate your windows 8 pro. Whatever method you use, make sure that you have the original windows 8 professional software installed in your computer and have the license key.

To activate your windows using license key follow the procedure below on how to activate your copy.

1. Open command prompt
2. Type "slui 3"
3. Enter the product key
4. Click activate to finish your activation

The second method uses a simple activator. Heres how to active your windows 8 pro activator.

This method uses the windows 8 activator that will easily activate your windows. You will have to download the activator here then use it to activate.

1. Download windows 8 pro activator
2. Extract to desktop
3. Open extracted file
4. Double click the activator
5. Ignore warnings when activation
6. Restart windows 8 pro to finish activation

You should be able to active your windows 8 using both methods. If there are errors during windows 8 activation please checkout some solution here.

Some errors that might occur during activation, make sure that you've acquire the original windows 8 other than windows 8 crack pirated disc.

  • fix windows 8 activation error 0xc004f074
  • fix windows 8 rtm activation error 0xc004f074
  • fix windows 8 activation error 0xc004f061
  • windows 8 activation error 0xc004c008
For solution windows 8 pro error activation please go to official microsoft support for fix.


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