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How to Protect Your Computer From Virus Infected USB

How many times was your computer got infected by virus from USB and other removal devices? Maybe the main cause of computer being infected is because the default autorun is not disable on windows administrative settings. When you plug in the USB of a friend containing virus, it will automatically run and infect your computer. However there's a windows software that can help protect your computer from USB virus.

Checkout this cool windows software that you can use to protect your computer from virus infected USB that automatically run when you plugin. It's a small software that makeuseof published on their website as one of the best windows software. The said software is called Antirun, you can download it for free then install to your computer. Once installed, the software will automatically detect removal devices when plug in then prevent autorun virus to run to your computer. By these, you'll be able to protect your computer from being infected by virus from USB devices.

Download Antirun here then click Download button. Double click to start the installation process until it finishes. Once done, you'll be able to see small green usb icon on your taskbar. These means that you've successful installed the software and its now ready to protect your computer from usb virus.

I hope you find this cool windows software useful. Please share to your friends so that they as well be protected from autorun virus infected USB.


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