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These guys put 4 action cameras to extreme test to find out which will survive the end and still function. The action cameras were the GoPRo 4, XiaoMi Yi, AMK5000 and Svacom Siime Eye camera.

How to download ATI R41BL-ND3 driver or the Power Color X700 series

We had to look for it and the first thing we did is type the keyword X700CE on Google but unfortunately it brings a lot crap links. There are numerous of result links but none of them are the one we are looking for. The numbers on the stickers of the video card seems to be confusing. But when you type R41BL-ND3 on Google search, there you'll find the right information about the ATI video card.

R41BL-ND3 is the model code, the brand name is PowerColor and the GPU is Radeon X700 which you'll find on the AMD support site when you search for the correct video card driver. So to download the correct driver, you must go to the official AMD support site and download the Radeon X700 series software. Checkout the video how to download this driver.

In case the video doesn't work, please read the following guide below on how to download the ATI R41BL-ND3 video driver.

1. Go to AMD support website link:
2. On the support driver page, please choose the following criteria of the product. Click the View Results button aftewards. 

Note: Please choose the right operating system that you're using or else it won't work. 

Please see the screenshot below.

3. Next scroll down at the bottom part of the page and choose Catalyst Software Suite. Click the Download button. Please see screenshot below.

That's it. Just wait for the download to finish and install it when it's done. 

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Download Foxconn N15235 driver - how to find this driver

Today a client came to us and ask to reformat his desktop. We found out that he has the foxconn motherboard, there's no exact model printed other than foxconn n15235. We search foxconn n15235 download term on Google but found bunch of unreliable information and links. Looks like the drivers foxconn is quite difficult to find without the exact motherboard model. We never thought foxconn n15235 driver will take a lot of time for us to figure it out.

After an hour of click this and click that just to find the right driver solution for n15235 driver, we finally found something interesting. The foxconn n15235 is also known as P4M800P7MB-RS2H - who would have thought of this. No wonder why we can't find n15235 at the official foxconnchannel website, because its not the right motherboard model. But now that we know, we finally solve the problem on the official foxconn support website.

So for those technicians out there looking for the exact foxconn n15235 driver also known as P4M800P7MB-RS2H, here's how to download it.

1. Go to
2. Choose the right product selection. You should select the criteria below. Click Submit button afterwards.

3. Next click the Driver tab and then choose which foxconn driver to download. Click the floppy disk icon to start the download. Click image to enlarge.

That's it. Hope you find it useful. Share this information if it solve your motherboard problem.

Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio E10/1KLDEW Laptop Sound Driver Free Download

A client came to us and ask if we could find the right sound driver for his Dynabook Qosmio E10/1KLDEW. The owner recently reformatted his laptop with Windows XP service pack 3. Now the problem is that the client doesn't have the support CD or the recovery disk. He bought the laptop when he was in Japan some time ago. We told him that we will try to find and install the drivers for the laptop but unfortunately it is not that easy as we expected. When we Google the net, we found plenty of links and sites that offers free download for the laptop driver but none of them works. We visited the Toshiba site but the drivers came with them doesn't also work. What we found was only suited for Windows Media Center with the soundmax driver that comes with it which when you try to install on the Qosmio E10 with Windows XP system, it wouldn't work. Though it was installed but it never function or work.

Sound driver for Qosmio E10 is somewhat hard to find. We tried the main site at to look for the sound driver. Though there are list of other drivers available for download but the sound driver doesn't seem to be present. There's a virtual sound driver on the list but we're not sure if that's the right sound driver. Guess this will be a trial and error task.

The site Dynabook has no sound drivers for their Toshiba Qosmio E10/1KLDEW model. They no longer contain the support driver for the specified device.

These has taken us a lot of time on searching for the sound drivers. So we decided for the moment to stop and let readers who might have information about Qosmio E10 sound driver to drop us a comment.

If we find new information, we will immediately post them in this blog site and host the file in our servers for easy download for those who'll be looking for it. We intend to help the community with all the resources we could find about the Qosmio E10 drivers. For now let this post open for new comments.

Ivy and Z77 is more future proof than 2600K and Z77 or 2600K and Z68?

I had read in a certain forum discussion that talks about a z77 and the 2600k comparison. Here it is:

Ivy and Z77 is more future proof than 2600K and Z77 or 2600K and Z68 because of PCI-E 3.0 and the other Intel technologies and memory support. Also the Z77 boards have more recent ICs, better audio, better NICs, all of them have UEFi, however there are some good Z68 boards well .

There are also other boards, however if you got Ivy then you should go Z77 as the Z77 boards are tuned for Ivy not sandy, meaning they perform better with ivy. Z68 boards from what I have seen deal with Sandy much better than ivy, and when i tested the Z77 board, it was much better experience with the 3770K. However you can also look at the UD3H, there is also asus, and asrock too, but i only used gigabyte z77 so far and i really like it. Also the UD5H has XF-I software lol. If you go Z68 i liked the mamixus 4 gene. But Z77 gigabyte is damn well priced, also 3770K is going to be priced very well, as will 3570K, they are sandy replacements not competitors.

What do you think?

M4n68t-m le v2 Asus Motherboad

Today my client purchase the Asus motherboard M4n68t-m LE V2, 2 Gig of RAM, Sempron 140 2.7Ghz and a generic 600 watts trendsonic power supply. The total cost of the items were 4,960 Pesos, just enough for his budget of 5000 Pesos.

We assembled the new item and put back his old 80 seagate hard drive with IDE cable support in which the M4n68t-m le v2 was exactly what we need. The Asus motherboard has IDE connector and 4 SATA 3Gb/s connector Some brands no longer support the IDE  connector thus it'll be harder to find motherboards that would save your hard drive from trashing it. 
The M4n68t-m le v2 also has added new features such as Anti-Surge, Core Unlocker,and  Turbo Key printed on the board. We haven't tinkered everything about the motherboard especially the features of how it works. However we have tried a few games, WARCRAFT - we have lowered the settings a bit, SAN Andreas Grand Theft Auto - a bit slow and maybe needs to be tweak, Battlefield 2 - it would not load this is because the video wouldn't support the graphic. So far this is a short of the M4n68t-m le v2 review. 

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