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Solution MAC OS 10.6 Skype Won't Run

I recently solved the problem of my friend MAC laptop when skype that won't run after installation. After a quick download and installation of the latest skype messenger, the latter won't open or run and have prompts error. Re-downloaded skype and installed again, the same error would occur. I'm not a MAC OS X user but given this opportunity to help a friend, I've taken time to research the solution of skype unable to run on MAC OS X.

After a few minutes on checking on possible solution from forums on users who had the same problem. I finally know what causes the problem and how to solve it. Its a quick solution for skype won't run on mac os x. You don't have to install any other programs or patch to fix skype error on you mac osx . All you gotta to do is to install the appropriate version of skype that is compatible to your mac os x build version. Yep, you need to check your mac os x version and find the right skype version. So if you're running the old mac os x then you should find the compatible skype version to fix the problem.

What causes skype won't run on your mac os x is that you might have updated your skype, while your mac os x version is not compatible with the new update. So all yo have to do is to check your mac os x version first by navigating to the ABOUT THIS MAC.

If you have the old mac build version then you should download the old skype version that works. There's a particular site that has all the old applications for mac, windows, linux and timeline. You will find the appropriate old application like skype that works on your mac os x build version.

For example if you have MAC OS X version 10.6 then you can download and install skype which is compatible and will run.

Click here to go OLD Apps skype for MAC OS X 10.6

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