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These guys put 4 action cameras to extreme test to find out which will survive the end and still function. The action cameras were the GoPRo 4, XiaoMi Yi, AMK5000 and Svacom Siime Eye camera.

How to Fix Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Browser Not Working

If you encounter a problem when your favorite firefox or google chrome browser will not open then you probably have a virus or malware in your computer system. What appears in your screen when you tried to open firefox and chrome browser is an error which unable to locate the program or application but you know that you have installed it correctly.

Perhaps you have tried to remove firefox or chrome browser from your add/remove programs then reinstalled the application but unfortunately even a fresh installation does not fix the problem. Unable to locate and launch both browsers but your Internet Explorer is working just fine. You might think that your firewall or antivirus program has blocking it but when you check its not.

To fix the problem, here's what you can do:

1. Download the latest MalwareBytes software from
2. Install and update to the latest definition or database.
3. Run a quick scan
4. Remove all detected malwares.
5. Restart your computer
6. Just to make sure, do another scan using your antivirus and remove all detected virus.

That's it, I hope this tip fix your firefox and google chrome not working.

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