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These guys put 4 action cameras to extreme test to find out which will survive the end and still function. The action cameras were the GoPRo 4, XiaoMi Yi, AMK5000 and Svacom Siime Eye camera.

How to Start Your First Online Business Without Investment

Is it possible to start on online business without an initial investment or capital? The answer is YES you can. There are website that sell digital products online in which you can affiliate with them and earn good commission for every sell you make. Some commission may reach from 50%-75%. Merchants are giving this high commission because they know you've done most the work like promoting and marketing.

In this article I am going to teach you how to start your own online digital business with Clickbank. I choose Clickbank because it has tons of digital products that you can choose from and some vendors or merchants have promotional materials that you can use to market their product. Various categories that you can start, they Parenting ebooks, Home and Garden, Business, Graphics ebooks, Marketing ebooks, Make money online ebooks, Health and wellness, etc.. There are numerous on every categories. So choose product that is profitable.

So start with:

1. Sign up Clickbank 

2. Next go to Marketplace tab

3. Browse through the categories or Simply use the Filter options to filter products that sells pretty well. Set the Gravity from 25%. Please see screenshot.

4. Next is to filter more by choosing vendors with Spotlight and Promotion Materials. Please see screenshot below.

5. Once you find a product that fits your criteria. Click the promote Button.

6. Enter your Clickbank ID and your Tracking ID - this will help you track where earnings are coming from.

7. Next use the link generated when you promote product. However the link is too long. Use a link shortener to shortened your link and also to avoid getting spam.

When you make a sell from that link you will be able to make commission from. 

Now promote your link to website or blog. Create a free blogger site so that you can start writing a review about the product. It works really well.

How I Increase My Adsense Earnings Using SEMRush Tool

Today I will be sharing to you guys my money making tool that I used. Its a simple and easy to use tool that help me increase my money on my adsense. Checkout screenshot below from 15 USD last month to 91 USD. I can't believe how quickly it went up. I learn about this tool about 3 months ago, I tried the trial period and use the tool to find high cpc keywords from popular domain sites. I never thought that I will be able to increase my money in such short period of time. Its a very effective tool and I assure that anyone with little knowledge will be able to make money using this tool.

This tool has been used by so many popular bloggers. You too can acquire these tool now and increase your adsense earnings significantly by the next month just like mine. Take a look at the screenshot of what these tool will give to you.

As you can see that long tail keyword "cheap email marketing services" has 45.56 USD. You can target this long tail keyword if you're website is all about email marketing. You will definitely see great results when you apply these keywords to your blog post. You can do a lot more using this tool. Go ahead and use this tool now.

Checkout proof of earnings:

Heres how I increase my money:

1. Sign up SEMrush - its a tool that will help you find high CPC for adsense so that you can target keywords for your next website content. It is important that you aim high adsense CPC so that you won't waste your time creating content and targeting keywords that has low CPC.

2. Go to Facebook search for Safe Adsense Visitor - this is a safe traffic for your website. They provide worldwide traffic and you can target US, UE traffic too. Contact the administrator so that you can try their service for free. This is by far the best adsense traffic that I used. Traffic are highly targeted to your topic or keyword, and so visitor will most likely click your ads. So go ahead and start making money.

Thats it!

I hope the next time you check your adsense earnings, you won't be disappointed.

Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Company Today

A few years back, I remember when I first attended the Seagate seminar hosted by Mr. Tony Tsao. He speaks about their new hard disk product and the tough quality of their product. He confidently drops the hard drive from 4 ft high above the ground, test and run the drive and its working fine. He also speak about some company's willing to pay huge amount of money for hard drive data recovery services. He said a certain company had approached him and ask if he could salvage the data from a damage hard dive and they'll pay a million to recover the data?

Back then I was working as a computer technician, however I don't specialized on recovering data especially from physically damaged hard drive. But I tend to try tools that might help recover data from accidentally formatted drive. I've first tried hard drive recovery laptop and uses recovery software. Effective data recovery software that works on my experience is the Recuva and Undelete Plus. There are many software for disk drive data recovery that's available in the internet. Some are free but some are paid. Whichever you choose, make sure that you've done thorough research about their data recovery software.

Type of Data Recovery

1. Data Recovery Raid - raid recovery is aim to search for lost raid configuration parameters. You will use data recovery raid only when there are visible damage of the raid controller card such us burnt component in which no other replacement can be found. Or raid controller reports a double hard drive failure in Raid5.

2. File Data Recovery - only recovers data from broken filesystems and the outcome is the file and folder recover.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services 

Hard drive recovery laptop for severely damaged disk must consult experts for hard drive data recovery services to retrieve important and critical data. For raid server data recovery, you can try utilities available in the market and take a look at their raid recovery application. There raid server data recovery application that are free to use, you can evaluate them then buy if you it recover your file so that you can use full access of the application.

However you can always try to clean your laptop or desktop to try to fix the problem. Example troubleshooting your laptop, you can try cleaning ports and terminals where hard drive is attach. Some users claimed they were able to fix their problem by cleaning terminals. A success hard drive recovery laptop will need a little bit of skill to troubleshoot your machine. You can always consult youtube and search about your laptop.

None the less, if your hard drive is physically damage then you need to look for data recovery expert team that will retrieve the data. These people has the right tools and expertise to make sure that your precious data will be recovered. However you'll have to pay the right price too for the hard drive data recovery services they do. According to Lifehacker site, Ontrack has done a great job for this type of services. Another well known company that retrieve data from damage hard drive is DriveSavers. Both company's can performed hard disc recovery service on the highest expert level.

Ontrack - Kroll Ontrack can provide state-of-the-art hard drive data recovery services and data recovery software. Recovered from all types of corrup, deleted, missing, or inaccessible data loss fast and securely.

What they can recover:

  • Physical, virtual and cloud
  • Any desktop, laptop, server, RAID, Network, virtual device or mobile
  • All types of files and operating systems
  • All causes of data loss 

DriveSavers - DriveSavers Data Recovery, one of the best hard drive data recovery services that offers huge data retrieval services with its state-of-the-art tools since 1985.

DriveSavers Supports the following device and services:

  • Data recovery raid
  • Hard disc recovery services
  • SSD data recovery services

Media and other Devices:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Mp3
  • Iphone, Ipad
  • Digital Cameras
  • Removable Devices
  • SSD
  • RAID / NAS / SAN

Both company's has been doing data recovery for many years and had high reputation and considered as the best hard drive data recovery services out there. Like I said, if you need to have your data retrieve by these company's then make sure you have enough money to pay for their services.

Other than that, if you don't have enough money to pay these guys then you might wanna investigate what causes your hard drive not to function. There are information like on Youtube that gives you idea on how to repair hard drive especially the click of death if that's the case that you have then you better try your luck and see what happens. Who knows you might fix your hard drive in no time.

How to Perform a Hard Drive Recovery By Yourself

If you think that you can do it by your own, fixing your hard drive. Then you better take a deep breath because you're going to try disassembling the drive from its case and expose the disc. Please do these at your own risk, I will not be held liable for what you're going to perform.

Before you open your hard drive, make sure that you perform in an enclose area to avoid dust contacting the surface of the disc.

Fixing the Hard Drive - Stuck Head - Buzzing Sound

Listened to the sound that it generates when you powered up your hard drive. If you hear a buzzing sound then the hard drive might have stuck heads which can be fix.

Here's how to fix it:

1. Open your hard drive by unscrewing those tiny little screws. Be mindful that some screws are hidden at back of the sticker. You can feel the hidden screw when you try scratching the surface of the sticker.

2. Once you've open the hard drive, you'll notice that the hard drive head is at the middle of the platter. You'll going to move that head to the right position.

3. Move the head to the right position using small hook tool to pull it back in place while spinning the platter counter clockwise to avoid stressing the head.

4. Once you've done that successfully, investigate the platter for any foreign particles. Make sure that its clean before you putting it back on.

5. After you put it back on, you can now try it by attaching it to your computer. Use windows disc management tool to check the drive. You should be able to see your disk as illustrated below.

For more information about hard drive data recovery please subscribe.

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The easiest way on how to reset windows 8.1 administrator password

How to Reset Windows 8.1 Administrator Password

In here you will learn how to reset windows 8.1 administrator password using a third party software. The software will easily unlock/reset all local password including administrator accounts.

If you are using windows 8 or the latest upgrade windows 8.1 operating system released by Microsoft on August 2013.

Windows 8.1 after its released had fix some issues by from previous version windows 8. For that it received positive reviews and feed backs from users. But still some had criticised for not addressing some other issues concerning privacy and poor level integration. You can find more information about windows 8.1 here.

Anyways, for me windows 8.1 is one of the best thing microsoft had done to their operating system period.

How to configure LEGACY SUPPORT on HP Pavillion G7 laptop

In this how-to article, I used HP Pavillion G7 with windows 8.1 operating. I'm going to show you how to reset windows 8.1 administrator password on an HP Pavillion G7 laptop.

The HP Pavillion G7 laptop will need to be configured in the BIOS to boot on to CD/DVD. Then ENABLE LEGACY SUPPORT under BOOT OPTIONS.

Note to HP Pavillion G7 owner. Power ON your laptop then continuously press ESC button then PRESS F10 to boot to BIOS. Please refer to the video below this post.

Now to Reset Windows 8.1 administrator password, follow procedure below:

Lets start:

Before you're going to reset windows 8.1 administrator password you need to download a free third party software that will easily unlock/reset the password. So this means that you need another computer that can access the internet then download the software. When you have downloaded the software you will going to install then produce a blank CD/DVD so that you can create a copy of it in CD/DVD.

1. Download the software here. Make sure to download only the free edition.

2. Install the software into computer that has CD/DVD burner or copier.

3. Select the appropriate windows version. Since we are to reset windows 8.1 administrator password, choose windows 8.1 32bit/64 bit. Click NEXT after wards.

4. In the Bootable Media Selection - choose CD/DVD - then click START button.

5. After copy is complete. Put CD/DVD that contains the windows 8 password unlocker.
6. Configure your computer to boot on CD/DVD on your Bios Configuration.

Watch the video below.

To reset windows 8.1 administrator password is very easy it takes only about 10 minutes. Just make sure that you have copied either to CD/DVD or USB the windows password unlocker program.

Lets start to reset windows 8.1 administrator password quickly.  

How To Install Windows 7 Pro Dell Inspiron 11 3000 With Complete Drivers

Do you own a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 laptop which came with installed windows 8 that you don't like the operating system and wish you had windows 7 pro instead? Many owners of the product had ask if its possible to install windows 7 pro operating system. The answer is yes, definitely possible. If you have a legal copy of the windows 7 pro then you can install it on your system.

How about Dell Inspiron 11 3000 windows 7 pro drivers, no problem you can install these driver with ease. You can download drivers for windows 7 pro on their website. Just simply provide the service tag of your laptop or let the website detect those device drivers for you. However USB driver might need a little driver update. You need to download the USB driver for Dell Inspirton 11 3000 for windows 7 pro at intel resources. You can download it here though in the link that will be provided later on as you install windows 7 pro.

The best to install windows 7 pro on your dell inspiron 11 3000 is by using flash drive. However external cd/dvd rom would be an option too. But preferably using a flash drive will do the installation more quickly and easily. If in the later in the process, you will encounter problem or errors such as not continue to install windows 7, please make sure that you have good copy of windows 7 pro if you're installing in on external cd/dvd disc. Damage on disc or external rom will result errors throughout the process.

To install windows 7 pro using a flash drive, please download the windows usb dvd download tool here. Install the small software in your computer after you've downloaded it.

How to put windows 7 pro into your flash drive:

1. Open Windows USB DVD Download Tool
2. Next navigate through the windows 7 pro ISO file
3. Then use USB device to start copying windows 7 to your flash drive
4. Wait until the process is done

By this time you now have windows 7 pro flash drive or usb drive. You may now be able to use this to install windows 7 pro on to your dell inspiron 11 3000. To start the installation, simply navigate to main root folder of the drive then click Setup. You should be able to start the installation process.

If you will encounter errors such as bootsec, you will have to go to microsoft store account and download the bootsec file then place in to your windows usb/dvd download tool. In there you'll have to run the program again to create a bootable drive windows 7 pro. Go ahead read more about this at microsoft.

For information about how to fix boot error please click here.

Once you've finish installing windows 7 to your dell inspiron 11 3000, then its time to install all the necessary driver that is compatible to your new operating system. The official driver for dell inspiron 11 3000 driver download is at the Dell site. Please click here to go the official download page of dell. Simply enter the service tag of your dell laptop when you downloading drivers.

For USB drivers, you may need to go here at intel's download page. You should be able to download usb driver for dell inspiron 11 3000 perfect for windows 7 operating system. For more information about dell inspiron 11 3000 usb driver, please go to the review section.

I hope that you find this information useful. If you have any question about this article please don't hesitate to post at the comment section. Please share this article.

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