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These guys put 4 action cameras to extreme test to find out which will survive the end and still function. The action cameras were the GoPRo 4, XiaoMi Yi, AMK5000 and Svacom Siime Eye camera.

Redmi PRO 3 Review - Best Phone For TIGHT Budget Buyers

In my previous post, the Redmi PRO 3 is put into extreme test - scratching, high temperature and bending. The results were surprising - it survives the test. With such test other phone with almost same price range would break but the Redmi PRO 3 is different - it is much tougher. Although it is less expensive and many would think it surely come with cheap build - well this phone is different from other cheap phones in the mall.

Here the Xiaomi Redmi PRO 3 is reviewed - from its build, camera, display, and its fingerprint feature.

Watch the video below

  BUY REDMI 3 PRO - Philippines - P7999.00

Budget Phone Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro Bend Test - Will It Survive?

Will the Redmi 3 PRO survive the bent test?

Today there are thousands of smartphones to choose when you go to malls or just shop online. BUT if your on a tight budget you might go with less expensive phones which might have less features and could made up of cheap build which could break easily. Are there less expensive mobile phone that won't break on extreme test such fire, scratch, and extreme bending. Will it still function?

This guy on Youtube does tested different smartphone on extreme test and one of it is the bend test. On this test the Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro with a tag price of P8000.00 which probably fits on your budget.

Will the Redmi 3 Pro survive this brutal scratches and bend test?

So if you're wandering where to buy Redmi 3 PRO in the Philippines - order it at lazada - click here to go directly to the product.

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