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How to Avoid Facebook Spam

Its all over your facebook wall every now and then, video and picture links that aren't yours. It share links to your facebook friends and when they click on it their facebook wall will also force to post it again. It sends facebook spam links that floods your wall from time to time. And now your facebook friends will be annoy of the same post on your wall.

It all started when you saw a post from one of your facebook friends, the post is very intriguing because of the image and the title that catches your attention. You then click on the link and when you did, it ask your permission to repost the link on your wall. Because its intriguing to know about the content, you then let the malicious ware to access your facebook wall so that you'll be able to see the content of the link. Then you've been taken to a page that deceive you, no real content and will only be disappointed because you found out its fake. But too late, they've already got into your facebook wall spamming with nonsense link.

You may have prevented facebook spam flooding your wall if you've only been careful and think before you've click the link.

Here are some tips on how to avoid facebook spam and protect your facebook account from malicious ware crawling on facebook wall.

1. Never click or visit a link immediately especially if the domain or website looks suspicious.
2. Read the comments, if no comments or if someone said its not true then don't bother clicking the link.
3. Exaggerated titles and pictures can also be a sign of a suspicious link.
4. Click on links from trusted sites.
5. If its a video, try to manually check it out on Youtube by typing the title on the search box. If you can't find it on Youtube then probably its not true.
6. If it ask to install something or access your permisson facebook wall so that they can post it on your behalf, then stay away from it.
7. Activate facebook automatic spam filters to help you detect spam.

Those are just some tips that you can follow to protect your facebook wall from spammers and other malware attacks.

So before you start searching for ways on how to remove facebook spam posts or how to remove facebook virus on your facebook account then its best that you think before you click.


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