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These guys put 4 action cameras to extreme test to find out which will survive the end and still function. The action cameras were the GoPRo 4, XiaoMi Yi, AMK5000 and Svacom Siime Eye camera.

Electricity Saver Device - Does it Really Work?

Energy saver or power energy saver or electricity saver devices, does it really work in cutting down your electricity bills?

In this post you'll about to find out one of the most awaited truth about power energy saver devices. What kind of electricity saver device in the market that really work.

A few months ago I have purchased the so called electricity saver device. But before I purchased the item, I have thoroughly conducted my own researched. I've read articles and reviews from blogs, forums and even call someone who've used it. However not all have given their positive results and so I have made my own test to see if it does really save electricity.

Because of the increasing price rate of electricity, electricity savers or power energy saver devices are now becoming a popular searched term in google. The main reason is simply because household and business owners want to save money by cutting down electricity bills.

Many power saver products out there would claimed that it could save electricity cost up to 25 percent or more of current electric bill. Now this maybe far from the truth and you might think most of them were scam. Indeed many people are skeptical about it and that includes me. Well, to find out the truth I have run my own test using energy saver that I've purchased in which they guarantee that I could really save electricity by using their product.

My business has 12 computers, 2hp split type inverter aircon, 90watts refrigerator, 2 printers,  and 1 printer copier, water dispenser.

My usual monthly bill is around 4000 - 4100 Pesos operating about 12 - 14 hrs a day - without attaching power savers.

My power saver report.
I checked my meter every 6:00 am in the morning

Without Power Saver Device

9 days reading without power saver

Day 1 without power saver device

Day 9 without power saver device

Without the power saver device my meter reading for 9 days. It consumed 120.6 Kilowatts

9 days with power saver device attached to one of my outlet

day 1

day 9

With power saver device it consumed about 108.6 Kilowatts. Its lower than without the device about 12 Kilowatts.


Without PS device
7886.4 - 7765.8 = 120.6 Kilowatts

With PS device
7752.0 - 7643.4 = 108.6 Kilowatts

I have save 12 Kilowatts when using an energy saver device. The electricity saver device really works, however it only saves about 10% which is not bad after all. At least I was able to save some electricity cost.

I hope you'll be able to save on your electricity saving device that you might used. Please share your thoughts.

Brother Printer Copier 7065n Fix Black Horizontal Lines

The Brother 7065n printer copier is one of the best multi function printer that I own in my shop. I had purchased this a year ago and it has been working fine until something is showing when copying using legal paper document. A black horizontal lines appears after copying. Please see the image below of what I mean.

Brother 7065n problems with black horizontal lines only occurs when I copy legal size document. However the copier works fine using letter size paper document and works great both legal and letter size when printing files from computer.

Why the black horizontal lines appears during copying on my brother 7065n? 

It took me several days to figure it out. A few sites on google pointed that it needs cleaning and so I had cleaned the corona wire. I had also clean the glass where you place the document using moistened cloth . Unfortunately it didn't fix problem.

So what causes the black horizontal lines on my brother 7065n printer?

Its a dirt stucked on the glass strip underneath the white bar. Please pictures to have a clear a idea.

so to fix the black horizontal lines on your brother 7065n copier, simply clean thoroughly the glass strip with moistened soft cloth.

After cleaning test your brother copier and you'll never see the black lines again.

If this solve your brother 7065 problem please share.

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