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Sony VGN-CS13M Laptop: How to open and clean processor fan

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to open Sony VGN-CS13M laptop. The problem was: it suddenly shuts off about 2-5  minutes after it starts up. I went through BIOS settings to check some settings, I'm surprised when all of the sudden, it shuts off again. That's the time that I realize that there must be something wrong relating to the power, and so I've the check the supply but it seems to be normal. Now the second thing that I had in mind is the temperature of the cpu. Based on my experience on desktop troubleshooting, any overheated processor will result to system crash and shutdown (as if you're pushing the button off).

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I tried to check Sony VGN-CS13M BIOS settings but doesn't show the temperature or even the fan speed of the cpu. But later on, I realized that the fan that blows away the heat from the processor seems to be not working. I wasn't able to feel any air coming out from exhaust panel. The laptop is never been open before, I was quite hesitant because this might be still under warranty. But upon knowing from the owner that she bought it about 1 year ago from Dubai, and there's no more warranty. We later call Sony centers in Cebu, to check some info if they could be able to fix it, they said YES but it had to be shipped to Manila and will take a few weeks for repair. All in all it would cost a whopping 4000 Pesos - definitely expensive. Also if they can't fix it, you'll be charge a mind bugling 2,000 Pesos - I think that covers the shipping charges and services.

The owner had set her mind to have it open and hopefully fix it. And so I slowly started to remove all the screws at the back of the SONY VGN-CS13M. There are about 23 screws that I have unscrewed including the screws beneath the CD-ROM and the Battery. After a few minutes I was able to remove the back case. There are about 4 screws that I've remove from the processor. I found out the fan has been stocked because of the dirt, it won't work freely and though sometimes it moves but it stops again.

I have to remove the exhaust fan and it ain't that easy since any thing inside the laptop has delicate and small computer parts that might be damage during the process. So for you guys attempting to open any laptop, be sure to be gentle and discharge your body from static electricity before touching those tiny winy parts.

Below are steps on how to open your Sony VGN-CS13M Laptop:

1. Remove all the screws from the back of the laptop.

2. Remove the Battery, Hardisk and the CD-ROM.

3. Remove the screws beneath the Battery, Hard Disk and the CD-ROM.

4. Slowly remove the case to avoid damage.

That's it. If there's anything that I missed please do post a comment below.

Caution: Carefully remove the screws on the heatsink and also please do keep in mind that once you've remove the heasink, you may have to reapply a new thermal paste before placing it back again. 

For Sony VGN-CS13M drivers refer to their official website for a secure and safe download. Check it now.

If you have any trouble finding Sony VGN-CS13M drivers, I may be able to help you. So post them under the comment section below. Simply click post comment.

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