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Welcome to Hi-Way Park Computers

Hi Way Park Computers blog site will contain information relating to computer repairs and troubleshooting experience. It'll also include some tips and guides about social media, gadgets, and web 2.0 technology. It'll be updated once a week to provide my followers and readers the information that may help improve their everyday use of computer. On troubleshooting, I don't encourage anyone without any experience on handling computer parts without the supervision of computer technicians. Otherwise you'll be responsible for your own actions on any damage that may occur. The author of the site will not be held responsible for any actions taken by the doer.

Some information may also be taken from other source in the internet to give you more information about certain posts and topics relating to computers. However I do encourage anyone to share also their ideas using the comment box below. 

If you wish to be a moderator or guess author on this blog, please send me an email at and write your request as contributor.

Thank you and hope to see you around.


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