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Google Chrome: Can't Sign in to Blogger

Google Chrome is indeed faster comparing to mozilla firefox most especially on streaming videos from You Tube site. I like the simplicity and neatness of the new browser, and that could be one reason why its faster because their ain't unnecessary things that are hook up. I personally use this often when visiting video streaming sites like Youtube.

 Today there's a new lesson that I've learn on Google Chrome which is specifically for BLOGGER user only. If you haven't tried signing up on yet using Google Chrome for the first time, try it now. You'll encounter a slight problem when logging in on Google Chrome which is you can't sign in and says "Browser cookie functionality is disabled. Please enable Javascript and cookies in order to use Blogger." - checkout screenshot below:

If you have encountered the same image above, there's a way around to fix it. Checkout this short guide:

1. Click the link Blogger Help explains how.

2. Then on Install button to add the blogger extension.

3. At the lower part of your Google Chrome browser click Continue button to download the blogger extension. Refer to the screenshot below.

4. Once you've finish downloading, you'll need to confirm the installation. So click on Install button. Check screenshot below.

5. That's it. You've successfully installed it. You can see something like the image below. You may be able to sign in or log in to your Blogger account using Google Chrome.

Click blogger Icon to quickly post to blogger.


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