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Adjusting After Power Failure on BIOS Settings

Last week, I supposedly going to blog about this new thing that I've learned from an Intel motherboard BIOS settings. The scenario on this is that when you plug on the power cord to the computer power supply, it automatically turns on even if you haven't press the power button yet. You may get to find this a little bit troublesome because on my encounter on the last computer that had this settings, I sometimes don't get a display on the monitor.

Another thing also is that, having this power settings like this could prevent you from double checking connections before pushing the power button. If you're like me, I usually double check all connections especially the memory if it's properly installed before I turn the power on. A simple mistake could damage the memory and the motherboard - that's something you don't want to mess around with.

Anyways, lets get on with the new settings and adjust the Power Failure on your intel BIOS. Below is a short  steps on how to change the BIOS settings.

1. Upon display on the screen, press F2 to proceed to BIOS. Checkout the screenshot below:
Press F2 for BIOS settings

2. Inside BIOS settings, select POWER in the menu then select After Power Failure then set Power On. Checkout screenshot below:

3. After you made the settings, simply exit and save changes.

Press Y and enter to exit

That's it!!! I hope this could come useful for you. Please don't forget to follow my blog or share this info to your friends using the buttons below.


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