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How to Fix Your Computer that Won't Start

There will be a time when your computer wont' start due to hardware or component failure. You would probably hear beeping sounds which are indicator that one of the components are not functioning. If such scenario occurs, then you would probably would want to try this guide on how you could fix the problem. On my experience on computer repair, beeping sounds are cause by debris and dirt sticking on your computer parts which could hinder the transmission of power going to each components. For that, your first approach on this, is to try to clean up those dirt and debris inside the computer using high powered blowers but be sure that you unplugged all cables to avoid further damage.

If blowing and removing those debris doesn't fix the problem, you might want to try on cleaning the RAM and VGA card terminals using cloth or a simple pencil eraser. These always does magic if you do it correctly and patiently. I've done these trick so many times and most of it are successful. Well if you're unlucky, then you have to further troubleshoot your computer by simple component swapping method. How does it work? if you have spare components to swap then you could use it to test if the problem is cause by that component. If there are no other resources on fixing the problem, then I guess that you should take your computer to your nearest computer shop and let the technician figure it out for you.

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