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How to Register and Play S4league on Alaplaya From Banned Countries

This is for information purposes only.

Are you having trouble playing S4league online games from Alaplaya? If you're from the Philippines, then you wouldn't be able to play this game technically because its banned in the said country. You can only register but you can't play this game, it'll say wrong ID or password though you got it right. Don't worry there's a simple way to have it work. So stay around be and  follow this short guide.

If you want to play this game then you may follow through this simple process that involves making changes on your mozilla proxy settings.

Let's get on with it:

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.
2. Click on Tools then Options. See screen shot below:

3. Click Advanced Tab then Network Tab then Settings. Check screenshot below.

4. Next is to choose Manual proxy configuration then supply the HTTP Proxy and Port number. Refer to the proxy IP Address here - if proxy numbers don't work, don't panic, try different proxy until you found one that works.
List of Proxy IP Address and Port numbers can be found here:

Click here to get list of Proxy Addresses

Note: Those proxy IP address are updated frequently so be sure that you follow this blog and get updated for new Proxy IP Addresses.

5. If you found a proxy that works, register to S4league.
6. Verify your S4league account then login to your account. That's it, you can now play S4league without any problems. Enjoy!!!

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