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M4n68t-m le v2 Asus Motherboad

Today my client purchase the Asus motherboard M4n68t-m LE V2, 2 Gig of RAM, Sempron 140 2.7Ghz and a generic 600 watts trendsonic power supply. The total cost of the items were 4,960 Pesos, just enough for his budget of 5000 Pesos.

We assembled the new item and put back his old 80 seagate hard drive with IDE cable support in which the M4n68t-m le v2 was exactly what we need. The Asus motherboard has IDE connector and 4 SATA 3Gb/s connector Some brands no longer support the IDE  connector thus it'll be harder to find motherboards that would save your hard drive from trashing it. 
The M4n68t-m le v2 also has added new features such as Anti-Surge, Core Unlocker,and  Turbo Key printed on the board. We haven't tinkered everything about the motherboard especially the features of how it works. However we have tried a few games, WARCRAFT - we have lowered the settings a bit, SAN Andreas Grand Theft Auto - a bit slow and maybe needs to be tweak, Battlefield 2 - it would not load this is because the video wouldn't support the graphic. So far this is a short of the M4n68t-m le v2 review. 


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