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How to download ATI R41BL-ND3 driver or the Power Color X700 series

We had to look for it and the first thing we did is type the keyword X700CE on Google but unfortunately it brings a lot crap links. There are numerous of result links but none of them are the one we are looking for. The numbers on the stickers of the video card seems to be confusing. But when you type R41BL-ND3 on Google search, there you'll find the right information about the ATI video card.

R41BL-ND3 is the model code, the brand name is PowerColor and the GPU is Radeon X700 which you'll find on the AMD support site when you search for the correct video card driver. So to download the correct driver, you must go to the official AMD support site and download the Radeon X700 series software. Checkout the video how to download this driver.

In case the video doesn't work, please read the following guide below on how to download the ATI R41BL-ND3 video driver.

1. Go to AMD support website link:
2. On the support driver page, please choose the following criteria of the product. Click the View Results button aftewards. 

Note: Please choose the right operating system that you're using or else it won't work. 

Please see the screenshot below.

3. Next scroll down at the bottom part of the page and choose Catalyst Software Suite. Click the Download button. Please see screenshot below.

That's it. Just wait for the download to finish and install it when it's done. 

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