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The easiest way on how to reset windows 8.1 administrator password

How to Reset Windows 8.1 Administrator Password

In here you will learn how to reset windows 8.1 administrator password using a third party software. The software will easily unlock/reset all local password including administrator accounts.

If you are using windows 8 or the latest upgrade windows 8.1 operating system released by Microsoft on August 2013.

Windows 8.1 after its released had fix some issues by from previous version windows 8. For that it received positive reviews and feed backs from users. But still some had criticised for not addressing some other issues concerning privacy and poor level integration. You can find more information about windows 8.1 here.

Anyways, for me windows 8.1 is one of the best thing microsoft had done to their operating system period.

How to configure LEGACY SUPPORT on HP Pavillion G7 laptop

In this how-to article, I used HP Pavillion G7 with windows 8.1 operating. I'm going to show you how to reset windows 8.1 administrator password on an HP Pavillion G7 laptop.

The HP Pavillion G7 laptop will need to be configured in the BIOS to boot on to CD/DVD. Then ENABLE LEGACY SUPPORT under BOOT OPTIONS.

Note to HP Pavillion G7 owner. Power ON your laptop then continuously press ESC button then PRESS F10 to boot to BIOS. Please refer to the video below this post.

Now to Reset Windows 8.1 administrator password, follow procedure below:

Lets start:

Before you're going to reset windows 8.1 administrator password you need to download a free third party software that will easily unlock/reset the password. So this means that you need another computer that can access the internet then download the software. When you have downloaded the software you will going to install then produce a blank CD/DVD so that you can create a copy of it in CD/DVD.

1. Download the software here. Make sure to download only the free edition.

2. Install the software into computer that has CD/DVD burner or copier.

3. Select the appropriate windows version. Since we are to reset windows 8.1 administrator password, choose windows 8.1 32bit/64 bit. Click NEXT after wards.

4. In the Bootable Media Selection - choose CD/DVD - then click START button.

5. After copy is complete. Put CD/DVD that contains the windows 8 password unlocker.
6. Configure your computer to boot on CD/DVD on your Bios Configuration.

Watch the video below.

To reset windows 8.1 administrator password is very easy it takes only about 10 minutes. Just make sure that you have copied either to CD/DVD or USB the windows password unlocker program.

Lets start to reset windows 8.1 administrator password quickly.  


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