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How to Download Pokemon Gon For Android Phone

Pokemon Go is now ready for download but will not be available on some countries as of the moment. Pokemon Go app first went live in New Zealand and Australia before in US. Other countries may have to wait for its official launch because it is still unclear when Pokemon Go app will be available on some countries.

For those who haven't followed Pokemon Go app development - the game actually uses smartphones cameras as well as location to place pokemon in the real world. Pokemon will show up in the location in the real world then players may catch those pokemon creatures, and train them to fight against other pokemon in the battle arena. Its even exciting and fun is when you assign your pokemon creature who have evolve from charmander into charizard to defend the gym against other creatures.

So how to download Pokemon Go on Android phone?

Here's how:

1. Just go in your Playstore
2. Search Pokemon Go or Click here
3. Click install
4. That's it.

Enjoy and have fun.

Please post here if you can't run Pokemon Go on your phone.


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